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PowerPoint 2007 Class

PowerPoint 2007 Class

Welcome!  If this is your first class with us,   To complete this unit, you will take a pre-test to see what you already know,... read more

Check out the learning outcomes for this unit.

Pre-Test (60%)
Unit 2
Lesson 9: Word Art and Shapes
Lesson 10: Working with Tables
Lesson 11: Working with Charts
Lesson 12: Inserting Movies
Lesson 13: Inserting Sound
Lesson 14: Animating Text and Objects
Lesson 15: Using Transitions
Quiz 2
Assignment 2: Must submit by May 18, 2009
Unit 3
Lesson 16: Using the Slide Master
Lesson 17: SmartArt Illustrations
Lesson 18: Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
Lesson 19: Arrange Objects
Lesson 20: Indentation and Line Spacing
Lesson 21: Finalize a Presentation and Package for CD
Quiz 3
Assignment 3: Must submit by May 25, 2009
Class Survey: Must submit by June 01, 2009

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 Microsoft Access
 Peachtree Account
 Adobe Photoshop
 Programming
 Café Management
 Repair and Maintenance
 Electronic Basic
 Networking

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