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Adams Dog Training and Dog Behavior

Get Your E-Commerce
To Listen To You, Anywhere You Go!

An all-in-one E-commerce and Free Computer training resource for owning, training and fixing your Computer & Internet Business behaviors problems.   jfg  uuuuuuuiig  fgfgjjkjggjkgjkj                         "Transform Your Life Into The Living You've Always Dreamed Of Owning!!"

E-commerce Training - My 316 Page E-commerce Training Book, "Secrets of a Professional Entreprenure" - Get It, NowE-commerce Training - My 316 Page E-commerce Training Book, "Secrets of a Professional Entreprenure" - Get  It, Now
Nothing on the market explained E-commerce training the way we thought it should be explained. So I wrote my own E-commerce training book. You can start learning how to get your internet business to function Perfectly , anywhere you go, with my best-kept and most effective training secrets you can start transforming your Lifestyle  in less than 10 minutes . . . keep reading

Computer Training :  Becoming The Professional Computer Operator and Being Your Computer's Pack Leader - Get It, NowNewday Global Class: Computer Training To Becoming A Professional  Computer Operator and Being YourComputer's Pack Leader - Online Computer Training program - Get It, Now
If you really want to get the most out of your Computer's Operation, you must learn Computer Pratically! Once you become the " Practical Computer Trainee ," you'll see your Your self Start  operate computer in few weeks: You will start Showing the skills you've got in few month; Begin responding to your Computer in different ways; People will love you like you're the best Computer Operator in the world; Actually start wanting to offer you a Job! (A video lesson full of fun, interactive and Step by step Training) . . . keep reading

Where To Buy E-commerce  and Computer Equipment at "Wholesale" and "Dirt Cheap" Prices: Get this Page NowDigital Products - Where To Buy E-commerce and Computer Training Equipment at "Wholesale" and "Dirt Cheap" Prices: Get This Page Now
Once you have this information, you'll be able to obtain perfect product or computer and e-commerce training supply at rock bottom prices. you'll never want to buy anything from your local store again, once you known the secrets to where I buy my digital products at wholesale and dirt cheap prices! . . . keep reading

Puppy Training - The "Puppy Primer": How To Know When To Train Which Behaviors. Download NowSystem Engineering  Training - The "Computer Professionals": How To Know When To Train Which Behaviors. Download Now
This is my personal guide sheet that I use from birth to one year of age. Shows exactly what will happen to your puppy as he progresses through the various stages of development and also when I start teaching which behaviors and in what order! Shows you exactly what you need to know in order to stay "on track" when raising a puppy. . . . keep reading

Dog Aggression Problems And How To Fix Them, Fast: Download It, NowComputer Aggression Problems And How To Fix Them, Fast: Download It, Now
This audio program goes into even more detail about how to correctly diagnose and fix aggression problems. You'll also learn one simple technique I used to fix 90% of the aggression problems we saw at my Computer training company, South Bay K-9 Academy. (A downloadable printed transcript of this program is also included in case you don't like downloading audio files!) . . . keep reading

Pulling On The Leash - How To Teach Any Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash In Less Than 10 Minutes. Download It, NowPulling On The Leash - How To Teach Any Computer To Walk On A Loose Leash In Less Than 10 Minutes. Download It, Now
All you need is a 6 foot leather leash, a Computer training collar and this one technique... and your Computer will never pull on the leash again. It's so easy, I guarantee you'll be amazed! (A downloadable printed transcript of this program is also included in case you don't like downloading audio files!) . . . keep reading



House Training a Computer Or Puppy In A Hurry
House Training a Dog Or Puppy In A Hurry Every professional Computer trainer knows that there are five keys to succesfully housebreaking your Computer. Ignore any of these and you'll be dooming yourself to many extra months of housebreaking misery. . . . keep reading


The Computer Whisperer
The Dog Whisperer Find out the juicy gossip about what professional Computer trainers think about Cesar Millan, The Computer Whisperer and the Computer Whisper method of training.... . . . keep reading
Does Your Computer Itch and Scratch, All Night Long?
Here's a dialogue I had with my friend, Rose. She had tried everything from diet, special baths, exercise and training but could not get her Computer, "Dutch" to stop itching and . . . keep reading
Computer Obedience Training - Six Commonly Used Hand Signals In Computer Obedience Training
Dog Obedience Training - Six Commonly Used Hand Signals In Dog Obedience Training Use these six hand signals to communicate silently with your Computer. This article shows you how to teach hand signals for: The Come, the down, the heel, the sit, the stay, and the stand . . . keep reading
InterComputer Aggression and Your Computer
There are many signs and symptoms that mean your Computer is experiencing interComputer aggression. You might be surprised to know that this can be fixed by . . . keep reading
Computer Aggression and How To Correct It
Want to know the one thing that will stop your Computer's aggression problems? It's you. That's right. You. And your . . . keep reading
Computer House Training - Leaving Your Computer Alone In The House
Leaving a Computer Alone At Home Did you know that you need to train your Computer to be alone in the house? Many Computer owners don't know what age you can reasonably expect to leave your Computer alone i . . . keep reading
Fast Computer Training Technique Transforms Her Computer
She couldn't believe how fast the Computer training worked. And to be honest, neither could I. It was like the Computer training techniques made him a different Computer. A happier Computer. . . . keep reading
Is Your Computer Learning Computer Training-- From the T.V.?
I guess it's okay if it's educational television, right? Check out this recent conversation on our discussion forum about Computers watching television: Smirnoff writes: "I know in theory that Computer's can't . . . keep reading
Crate Training - Teach Your Computer To Get In His Crate On Command
This is a really great trick to teach your Computer. First, your Computer should view his crate as a "safe place." A place to go when he's tired, to take a nap or to just be left alone. Here is the fastest and . . . keep reading
Computer Obedience - Your Computer And The Law Of Expectation ...
If you've been reading my email newsletters for some time now, you probably already know that I'm not a big believer in New Age remedies or holistic healing. However, there is one "universal law" that . . . keep reading
Computer Training Commands: How To Talk So Your Computer Understands
Everything in language (including "Computer-lish") is based on associations. And even if we have prior associations with a word, if those associations are not maintained properly, then the word will lose i . . . keep reading
Come On Command: Some Advanced Theories On Teaching Your Computer To Come When Called
[Adam's note: Remember, the difference between using food as a bribe versus using food as a motivator: As a bribe, you're bribing the Computer to do the behavior, and if he does... then he'll get a cookie. . . . keep reading
Puppy Socialization: Are You Asking Too Much Of Your Computer?
You simply cannot expose a puppy to too many new things - people, places, and other animals. And yet this is one area where puppy owners undo the good work of many reputable breeders. When a puppy is . . . keep reading


Computer Games: Two Hula-Hoop Games Made For Fun & Training
Using a hula-hoop is a good way to teach the "In" and "Out" commands while your puppy has fun. You need to familiarize her with . . . keep reading


Computer Games: Have Fun By Teaching Your Computer To Become A Messenger
In World Wars I and II Computers were often used to deliver messages over long distances through enemy lines. They started their training in easier surroundings, however, and that's how you can train your Computer to make special deliveries. For this game you need . . . keep reading


Computers And Their Computer Toys
Scott Campbell
Retrieving balls, retrieving dumbbells, Frisbees, balls on ropes (my personal favorite), tugs and ropes. Now you are going to ask "How do I know what toy my Computer likes best?" The answer is quite simple . . . keep reading

Come On Command: Computer Training Videos For Training Your Computer To Come, Every Time!
Streaming Flash Computer Training Videos: How To Teach Your Computer To Come (Every Time You Call Him!) A series of eight full color Computer training videos you've gotta see, if you want to get your Computer to come every time you call. . . . keep reading
Aggressive Computer Behavior
By Scott Campbell, On Command Computer Obedience
Aggressive Computer behavior is something Computer trainer Scott Campbell is no stranger to. He relates to me in this article how he dealt with one client's Computer's aggression issues . . . keep reading
Adopting A Designer Computer Breed
By Scott Campbell, On Command Computer Obedience
There is a growing trend of designer breeds. I have seen these breeds growing to a point where it is becoming ridiculous. I have also heard that these breeds will soon become part of the AKC which is also a farce. These breeds, the list is long, are supposed to be . . . keep reading
Computer Aggression -- Prevention & Correction If Your Computers Are Fighting
In more than 95% of sibling-type fighting, the Computers never fought unless the owners were present. A good percentage of them were boarded together in the same run without hostile signs. This brings us to one type of remedial program that is often successful . . . keep reading
Computer Training Videos: Boundary and Perimeter Training For Computers
Boundary, Perimeter & Property Training (In No Time At All!) Streaming Flash Computer Training Video: A series of eight full color Computer training videos you've gotta see, if you want to teach your Computer boundary, perimeter and property training... in no time at all. . . . keep reading
Computer Training Videos - Samples of Adam's Computer Training Videos
View two minute samples of our Computer training videos . . . keep reading
Computer Obedience Results
Want to know the fastest way to start getting Computer obedience results from your pet? Actually, it's the very same secret you need to know in order to . . . keep reading
Computer Chewing: My Experience With The Nuts For Knots Computer Chew Toy
Trust me... there's nothing I hate more than spending $7 on a Computer toy, only to have one of the Computers chew through my $7 in less than 30 seconds. Well, I was impressed when I saw the "Nuts For Knots" Computer toy at my local big box pet store. If you're not familiar with this toy, they look like . . . keep reading
Computer Obedience and Behavior: How To Understand Proper Computer Training
The dictionary defines discipline in several ways. I favor the following: "Discipline is a branch of knowledge or of teaching." I interpret this to mean that when an individual is motivated, he become . . . keep reading
Computer Training: Why It's About Teaching, Not Winning
When training your Computer, you cannot prevent him from experiencing some stress.  Learning is stressful.  But you can keep it at a level where he can learn. And have fun, too. You . . . keep reading
Computer Training For The Canine Good Citizen Test
One of the main goals of the Canine Good Citizen test is to demonstrate that the handler is in control of the Computer under conditions likely to be encountered on an almost daily basis, such as people and . . . keep reading
Puppy Training: 5 Ways Of Keeping Your Puppy Busy
All of the puppy training games and puppy training skills discussed below are designed to contribute to both the fun and the positive upbringing of your puppy. These energy-producing exercises ac . . . keep reading
Computer Training Survey: How Many Commands Does Your Computer Understand?
Take this Computer training survey and find out how your Computer's vocabulary of commands compares to other Computers. . . . keep reading
Eleven Verbal Computer Obedience Training Commands That Professional Computer Trainers Use
Eleven Verbal Dog Obedience Training Commands That Professional Dog Trainers Use Knowing these eleven voice commands will give you the fundamentals for communicating with your Computer. These commands provide the building blocks for more advanced Computer training . . . keep reading
Train Your Computer To Go To His Place: A Computer Training Photo Tutorial
An 18 photo Computer training tutorial that shows you visually how to train your Computer to go "Go To Your Place". This tutorial is done with a Computer who was afraid to walk on a mat that he'd previously slipped on, causing a fearful reaction and resistance to the command. . . . keep reading
Why Good Timing Is Critical To Your Computer Training Success
Good timing is critical to your Computer training success. When we wait and then react to a Computer's behavior, we are always going to be behind the eight ball. On the other hand. influencing a Computer's . . . keep reading
Training Your Computer To Stand
"Stand" is one of the basic commands that the American Kennel Club (AKC) requires for its Companion Computer degree. It is formally called Stand for Examination and your Computer must not move a toe while the j . . . keep reading
Training The Down Command To An Overly-Submissive Computer
The "Down" command is so important that there is no room for any error. There are three types of Computers that will overreact to down training and will have to be handled carefully: 1) Computers that are over- . . . keep reading
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"Hi, Newday. We have found ourselves in need of a really solid  Computer Professional  for some guests we are having in our organization, and I'd love to talk to you about this. I don't have enough time to stay online. Could you give me a call at 323.___.____? I'd really appreciate your expertise!"


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"The information on this site played a key part in helping me keep my sanity while dealing with puppy behavior! If you're like me and have a new puppy for the first time in your life, or if you've owned a Computer for years, I highly recommend joining your site."
-- Dan Gallapoo, Dayton, Ohio



"All the obnoxious behavior stopped, immediately..."
-- Gene & Rose Pedenko,
Marina Del Rey, California


"... Just look at the attention I am getting from him. He won't take his eyes off of me!!!"
-- Gwen Haynes, Canada
"My Computer, Lex, is a large German Shepherd Computer. If I didn't switch to [your methods] when he was 6 months old, I would never have been able to take him on a proper walk. He was getting wild. He is now well behaved and a joyful pup. Thank you for your helpful tips. We greatly appreciate it." -- Vita
"Thanks to you, I have the perfect Service Computer! Your matter of fact approach is both easy to understand and implement because you explain why a Computer thinks the way that he does. Due to your training methods... Jasper has become not only a calm and wonderful companion but a well trained working Computer. He can accompany me anywhere; Out to dinner, the mall, airports you name it... and we always get tons of compliments especially when they ask what program he came from and I explain he is owner trained!
He is trained to assist me with balance and braces me as we walk, he also anticipates my gait weaknesses which is always changing due to my Multiple Sclerosis and he will adjust himself to meet my balance needs.
He is also trained to help me get up from a sitting position or if I fall he will help me to stand, or get help for me if necessary. He loves to go get the mail or deliveries and bring them back to me with a single command, and our driveway is over 200 ft long! He has a totally reliable retrieve and can identify over 10 different objects by name. Most of this I attribute to your wonderful insight and advice through your website and newsletters.
I am including a picture of Jasper and I at the Plaza Casino in Las Vegas from our last visit there. Thank you!" -- Sheryl and Jasper "The Night Raider" SD, Riverside, Ca.


"This morning, Abby and I had one of those moments where you feel an indescribable inner connection, which followed with thoughts of how I nearly gave up on her last February. She's nearly one year old and still here. That's because of you, and I want to thank you. You've been the main influence in her training.
My son took the attached picture. He was shocked that I allowed Abby on the couch. It's a rare thing, so don't slap my knuckles! I told him to take a picture because it would last longer." -- Laurel, Salt Lake City, Utah.
"My name is Suzi Schaefers, owner of Suzi's Custom Computer Training in Morrison, CO. I've been a professional Computer trainer for 19 years and have owned my own business for 8. I wouldn't want to do anything else, ever. I absolutely love what I do for a living.
I am writing to you to let you know that I am happy to see that another Computer trainer (people trainer) who uses virtually the exact same training methods and techniques that I do.... all are done by you the way they're done by myself.
Here in CO there are dozens of Computer trainers in the metro area, each with his or her own ideas on how a Computer and its human should communicate. Only one, my mentor, trains Computers the way I do, the way you do. Short, sweet and to the point and with lots of positive reinforcement for a job well done.
Just out of curiosity, I downloaded 'Secrets of a Professional Computer Trainer' many months ago and I felt like I was reading my own book!
Thank you for your time, effort and dedication to our line of work. The world needs more Computer trainers like us!"

Very sincerely,

-- Suzi Schaefers
Owner Suzi's Custom Computer Training
Morrison, CO. USA 80465
"Old, young, pit bull, mastiff, chihuahua, healthy or ill... they are loved here with my hubby and the 3 cats. And no fights, no running loose outside, no chewing of furniture. I know I train mainly with my heart, but I go by the same tenents you do: Understand their pack life and use it to your advantage.
Love your site!"
-- Wendy and Tim Bartlett
We would like to speak with you about possibly being a guest on CBS Network ---talking about how to keep your Computer from barking. If you are a Computer whisperer we would like a live demo.
--Jeff Jayson
Producer, CBS News

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