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Assignment 2: Due Friday, April 4


In this assignment, you will download and edit a company newsletter.

Download the Publication
  • Send an email message to your instructor and ask for company Newsletter, after you have receved it, Download and save the Company Newsletter publication to complete this assignment.
    How to Download a file.
Edit the Document
  1. Open the Company Newsletter.
  2. Delete Pages 2 and 3 of the newsletter at the same time. Page 4 will now be labeled "Page 2".
  3. Rename Page 1 as "Front Page."
  4. Rename Page 2 as "Back Page."
  5. Group all the objects at the top of page 1 together.

    Assignment 2 Example

  6. Delete the star AutoShape on Page 2.
  7. Use BorderArt to create a border for Page 2.
  8. Delete the text box on page 2 that includes the phrase "Words From Our Learners..."
  9. Replace it with a WordArt object that has the text "Words From Our Learners..." and format it as follows:
    • Franklin Gothic Book font
    • 24 pt. font size
    • Bold text
  10. Delete the city skyline picture on Page 2 and replace it with a picture or clip art of your choice.
  11. Select the text in the three text boxes on page 1 that are part of the Do Vitamins/Herbs Increase Memory? article.

    Select Text Example

  12. Make the following changes:
    • Change the line spacing after paragraphs to 8 pt
    • Change the alignment to Justified.
  13. Save the revised newsletter and submit it to your instructor. at

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