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In this assignment, you will create a new publication using a Publisher template. You will use the information you learned in this week's lessons to modify some of the basic elements of a template. Let's get started!

Open Publisher and complete the following tasks:

  1. Click Publications for Print.
  2. Click Flyers.
  3. Click Event.
  4. Choose the BBQ Flyer. You will work with this template to complete this assignment.
  5. Replace all existing placeholder text with your own text.
    • For example, enter a date and time for the party, describe the event's location, include a contact person's name, and include details about the event.
  6. Apply a new Color Scheme to the flyer.
  7. Change the fill color of at least one text box.
  8. Add a fill effect to at least one text box.
  9. Resize and move any AutoShape object in the publication.
  10. Apply a new Font Scheme to the flyer.
  11. Add a background color to the flyer.
  12. Save the publication and Submit the file to your instructor o 
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 Microsoft Access
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 Adobe Photoshop
 Programming
 Café Management
 Repair and Maintenance
 Electronic Basic
 Networking

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