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6 Most Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Tutorial?
Tutorials at New day Global Learning® give you the opportunity to learn the skills you need at your own pace. They are available anytime online, and can suit any schedule.
Members can read through the modules and apply what they’ve learned by completing the assignments and quizzes.
What is a Class?
Courses at New day Global Learning® give you the opportunity to learn the skills you need with the help of an instructor. These courses are available online and at our learning center in @ our Head office Seme Border, Lagos. Courses typically run for three weeks and learners can access material from that class anytime throughout the duration of the class. Learners must register for these courses when they become available.
How Do I Drop a Class?
If you would like to be dropped from a class for any reason, please send an email to your instructor. To find your instructor's email, follow these steps:
Go to the site and make sure you are logged in.
Follow the link to your class.
Under Class Information follow the link to your instructor's profile.
What is a CEU?
A CEU or Continuing Education Unit represents ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience. Learners who successfully complete our courses will earn the number of corresponding CEUs that are indicated in the class description when you register for a class.
How do I Earn a Certificate?
Learners can earn certificates of completion when they successfully complete a class with an instructor.
How do I View my Certificate?
New day Global Learning® certificates are in a .pdf format. You need Adobe Reader, version 4 or higher to view the certificate. To check the version of Adobe Reader that you currently have, open up Adobe Reader and go to Help --> About Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader or the correct version, you can download it for free at

 Student should make sure to login to class discussion board to view the neccessary information about his or her progress.
 Don,t forget to log out when you are about to leave the class

Students Should not forget to send his or her registration password and User name to
For future refrence.
Student should make sure to subscribe to newsletter of this site for useful information.
 Microsoft Access
 Peachtree Account
 Adobe Photoshop
 Programming
 Café Management
 Repair and Maintenance
 Electronic Basic
 Networking

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