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Which of the following is the quick-key combination for Undo?
Use Save As when you need to do the following:
The default alignment for text in Word is:

Word places a _____________ under a misspelled word.

If you wanted to replace New York City with Los Angeles in a document, the best Word feature to use would be:

The default view for a document opened in Word is:

You can use the At Least, Exactly, and Multiple options in what dialog box to customize line spacing?

To reach the Page Setup dialog box to change your margins you can:

The default indent in Word is:

Which of the following is not a tab option in Word?

What font features are being used in the following words: Great Job!

The bulleted and numbered list buttons can be found on which toolbar?

Numbering your document pages can be done through which of the following:

Templates are pre-formatted documents that Word provides.

Which of the following symbols can only be found in the Symbols Dialog Box?

Word automatically inserts non-printing characters into your document as you type.

A text box is used for which of the following:

How many columns is Word able to create at a time?

A cell contains the data or information within your table.

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