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 Assignment 3: Due Friday, March 28


In this final assignment, you are going to build on the spreadsheet you created in assignments 1 and 2. You will create a pie chart, setup page options definitions, and print the checkbook.

  1. Open your checkbook spreadsheet, YourName_Excel_assignment2.
  2. Create an embedded pie chart showing checks written during the month of January.
  3. Add the title, January's Expenses, to the chart and format the chart title and chart legend.
  4. Next show the actual dollar values paid next to each slice of the pie chart.
  5. Now create an embedded pie chart for February's checks; assign the chart title, February's Expenses, to it.
  6. Format the Chart Legend and Data Series just as you did for January.

    At this point, we have created both a spreadsheet to manage your checkbook and charts to visually show you how your money is being spent.

  7. Select the Checkbook worksheet
  8. Set the Print Margins to print 0.5" from the left and 0.5" from the right. Verify that both the top and bottom margins are 1".
  9. Change the Print Orientation to landscape.
  10. Change the Paper Size to Legal.
  11. Create a Header that shows a page number.
  12. Save the file as YourName_Excel_assignment3 and submit it to your instructor.
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