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Assignment 1: Due Friday, March 14

We will keep track of your results so you can see your progress.

In this assignment, you will create a spreadsheet that you can use to manage your checkbook.

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Create a new, blank workbook.
  3. In cell A1, assign the title My Checkbook to your worksheet.
  4. Create column headings for each of the following five categories:

    In cell C3, type Number
    In cell D3, type Subject
    In cell E3, type Debit
    In cell F3, type Credit
    In cell G3, type Balance

  5. Input the checks you have written in one month. Assign an opening balance of $1200.00 in cell G4.
  6. Enter all the checks that you wrote this month: Telephone, Electric, Gas, Cable, Insurance and Rent. Make sure you type the correct information in the proper column and row.

    In cell C5, type 101
    In cell D5, type Telephone
    In cell E5, type 37.85

    In cell C6, type 102
    In cell D6, type Electric
    In cell E6, type 23.45

    In cell C7, type 103
    In cell D7, type Gas
    In cell E7, type 18.34

    In cell C8, type 104
    In cell D8, type Cable
    In cell E8, type 87.36

    In cell C9, type 105
    In cell D9, type Insurance
    In cell E9, type 135.91

    In cell C10, type 106
    In cell D10, type Rent
    In cell E10, type 650.00

  7. Enter your income as a Credit since you are placing money into the checking account.

    In cell D11, type Income
    In cell F11, type 2150.00

  8. In cell G5, write a formula that subtracts the Debit in column E (cell E5) from the opening balance (cell G4), and adds the Credit in Column F (cell F5). In cell G5, type the formula =G4-E5+F5.
  9. Fill the formula defined in cell G5 to all the other balance entries for rows 6 though 11 in column G. Fill the formula from cell G5 into cells G6, G7, G8, G9, G10 and G11.
  10. Save the file as YourName_Excel_assignment1.
  11. Submit the file to your instructor by following this steps:-
    Open your E-Mail AddressCompose page attach your answer in your composed message and send it to your instructor at  good luck.

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