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Assignment 2: Due Monday, February 29


In this assignment, you will Link and edit an informational document with the 5 questions users most frequently ask about the New day Global Learning website.

Link to the Document

Link , copy, paste and save the Frequently Asked Questions document ,on microsoft word programe on your computer,to complete this assignment.How to Do this?

Edit the Document
  1. Select all the text and left align the entire document.
  2. Verify that the Page Orientation is Portrait.
  3. Set the Paper Size of the document as 8.5” x 11”.
  4. Set the margins so the top margin is 2 inches and all other margins are 1 inch.
  5. Format each of the 6 questions as follows:
    1. Bold
    2. 14-point
    3. Arial
  6. Format the title as follows:
    1. Bold
    2. 16-point
    3. Arial
    4. Center Aligned
  7. Format the answers to the questions in a font of your choice. Please be sure to only choose one font to use for all the answers.
  8. Change the spacing from double to single spacing in the final question and answer.
  9. Format the answer to the third question so the steps to find your instructor's email address appear in a numbered list.
  10. Use the Find and Replace feature discussed in Unit 1 to change the word courses to classes.
  11. Save the document as YourName_Word_assignment2.
  12. Close the document and submit it to your instructor.
  13. submit it to your instructor at through your e-mail address.
    good luck.

 Student should make sure to login to class discussion board to view the neccessary information about his or her progress.
 Don,t forget to log out when you are about to leave the class

Students Should not forget to send his or her registration password and User name to
For future refrence.
Student should make sure to subscribe to newsletter of this site for useful information.
 Microsoft Access
 Peachtree Account
 Adobe Photoshop
 Programming
 Café Management
 Repair and Maintenance
 Electronic Basic
 Networking

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