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Assignment 1: Due Monday, February 22  In this assignment, you will Link and edit a letter about online learning.
Link the Letter

Follow this link  Personal Letter  to a Word document to complete this assignment.Open microsoft word programe on you computer, Copy the letter to the programe.

Edit the Letter
  1. Type today’s date at the beginning of the document.
  2. Move the second sentence so that it is the first sentence of the letter. (You may use the Cut and Paste or Drag and Drop features).
  3. Put your cursor after the word opportunity in the last sentence of the first paragraph.
  4. Click Enter twice.
  5. Write a new paragraph that discusses the following:
    1. Challenges you face as an online learner
    2. What you hope to learn or gain from the class
    3. Any other important points about online learning
  6. Write one or two additional sentences in the last paragraph.
  7. Click Enter twice.
  8. Write a Closing (i.e., Sincerely, Yours truly, etc.)
  9. Insert two blank lines after the closing by clicking Enter twice.
  10. Type your name on the next line.
  11. Use the Find and Replace feature to change the name “John” to any name you wish.
  12. Save the document as YourName_Word_assignment1.
  13. submit it to your instructor thruogh your email address to

Important Point Your letter should have a total of three paragraphs.
              GOOD LUCK

 Student should make sure to login to class discussion board to view the neccessary information about his or her progress.
 Don,t forget to log out when you are about to leave the class

Students Should not forget to send his or her registration password and User name to
For future refrence.
Student should make sure to subscribe to newsletter of this site for useful information.
 Microsoft Access
 Peachtree Account
 Adobe Photoshop
 Programming
 Café Management
 Repair and Maintenance
 Electronic Basic
 Networking

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